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Bunad crisis looms

Husfliden, one of Norway’s largest bunad retailers, fears that a new shutdown in Viken County could lead to a bunad crisis ahead of 17th of May.

Kvikk Lunsj

Not just your favorite snack

Kvikk Lunsj chocolate bars are an important part of Easter traditions in Norway, but the values of the company run deeper than being a tasty hiking snack.

Larsen's Bakery Vanse

Larsen’s Bakery

Larsen’s Bakery in Vanse, Norway brings a taste of the United States to Scandinavia, serving up treats from pancakes to pies to smoothies.

Smøla wind farm

For the birds

Researchers at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research have found a simple way to reduce bird fatalities at a wind turbine farm in Smøla.