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Minnesota Trilogy

The Minnesota Trilogy

Jerry Holt reviews The Minnesota Trilogy, which includes The Land of Dreams, Only the Dead, and The Ravens, by Norwegian author Vidar Sundstøl.



The Norwegian American features comics by renowned Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavlan and Lille Berlin.

Brown oat bread

Whole-grain goodness

Kristi Bissell of True North Kitchen shares a recipe for a hearty Norwegian Brown Bread with Oats and Rye in honor of Norway’s Olympic athletes.

Malin Links

I see 2022 in colors

Malin Links shares her experience of starting a new job in Norway, building trust in herself, and looking forward to a colorful New Year in 2022.


Three days in Beijing

Megan Arzbaecher, an American globetrotter in Germany, gives her tips on what to see, do, and know if you only have three days to visit Beijing.