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Conferate flag

Norwegian flag taken down

The Nordic Pineapple in St. John’s, Mich., received complaints when people mistook their Norwegian flag for a Confederate flag, prompting them to remove it.

Randi Millman-Brown retires

After 27 years of service as the curator of visual resources in the Department of Art History at Ithaca College, Randi Millman-Brown has retired.

The Search for Thor

In the latest episode of The Search for Thor, Randi Millman-Brown seeks the help of a medium, who gives her quest some hope.

Weaving together past and present

A replica of the 11th-century Baldishol tapestry, discovered in Hedmark county in 1879, is currently on display at Norway House in Minneapolis.

Bull house in danger

The Ole Bull home on Lysøen outside of Bergen is in danger of deteriorating, according to KODE, the museum that manages the villa.