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Anders Sandvig’s gift

Vesterheim’s Laurann Gilbertson reflects on Maihaugen founder Anders Sandvig’s important role in preserving Norwegian heritage on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gjellestadskipet graves fram

The Gjellestad viking ship near Halden is the first to be excavated in Norway in 100 years, though the delicate process could take months.

Grandiosa - Pizza

Pizza grand in Norway

Grandiosa has long reigned as Norway’s biggest frozen pizza brand, serving as the lifeblood of both Stranda kommune and Norway as a whole.

Summer recreation

Out in the open air

Victoria Hofmo has some creative suggestions on how to recreate summer recreation in the age of coronavirus, drawing on Norway’s “friluftslivet.”

Hans Christian Heg - Statue

Statue torn down

Amid protests in Madison, Wis., a Hans Christian Heg statue was torn down, prompting responses from Norwegian and American officials.

We believe in summer—and you!

Editor-in-chief Lori Ann Reinhall reflects on the importance of democratic dialogue and celebrates the onset of summer during these historic times.