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A Baltic pearl

The Danish isle of Bornholm, nestled between Sweden and Denmark in the Baltic Sea, is a pearl of Nordic delights, from history to famously fine cuisine.

The beloved as muse

The relationship between Nina Grieg and Edvard Grieg was complex and often difficult, but there’s no question she was his inspiration.

Editor’s message

Editor-in-chief Lori Ann Reinhall wishes readers a magical summer, as we continue to weather the storm of COVID-19 and look to a bright future.

The Viking Way

Terje Birkedal reviews renowned archaeologist Neil Price’s new book, The Viking Way, a heady text but rich with content.

Norwegian saksøker Boeing

Norwegian Air Shuttle is suing Boeing for breach of contract due to its mishandling of the 737-MAX and 787 Dreamliner deliveries.

Words about words: Bask

In this edition of Words about words, M. Michael Brady discusses the origins of the word bask, finding both devout and secular meanings.