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Marching Forever

Marching Forever

Marching bands are a major part of 17. mai in Norway. Get a peek into the famous Kampen Janitsjar marching band based in Oslo in the film Marching Forever.



The family-owned silversmith Sylvsmidja in Norway is the world’s largest producer of bunad silver. Now they are looking to expand into American market.


The parade must go on

Rather than cancel last year’s 17th of May, the community of Lydvo put on their own miniature version of it. This year, they’ve opted for the same solution.

Syttende mai in Westby, Wisconsin many years ago

Why not Westby!

The town of Westby, Wis. has a deep connection to Norway, reaching back to 1848 when the first Norwegian immigrants settled there.

Hulda Garborg

Hulda Garborg was an important leader in the “Norwegianness” movement of 1880s and promoted the bunad as the Norwegian national folk costume.