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Yule log

Yule – Jul 

M. Michael Brady talks about the origins
of the words yule and jul (Christmas) and how they evolved throughout Nordic and European countries.


Words about words: Gift

M. Michael Brady writes about the evolution from Old Norse of the word “gift,” which means both “married” and “poison” in Norwegian spoken today.

The Scream

Story of “scream”

M. Michael Brady traces the history of the word “scream” from Shakespeare to Norway’s Edvard Munch, who named his famous painting “The Scream.”

The Scream

From a “soul’s diary”

Norway’s Edvard Munch wrote a passage in his diary about a personal experience that inspired him to create his famous painting, “The Scream.”

chili pepper

Søtvier to Nightshade

M. Michael Brady discusses the evolution
of “søtvier” in Norwegian and “nightshade” in English, which end up with
identical botanical classifications.