Category: Sports

cross-country skiing

From Norway to Canada

Kaare Askildt offers a storyteller’s look at the history of cross-country skiing, including its migration across the Atlantic to Canada.

Brooklyn Curling Club

Hygge on cold winter nights

The Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club, after a COVID-19 hiatus, is set to resume play—and looking to grow with a dedicated facility in New York.

winter sports

Winter is coming …

Jo Christian Weldingh brings you the long-awaited winter sports preview—especially exciting given last year’s COVID-shortened season.

More than a soccer team

Sportsklubben Brann, Bergen’s storied soccer team, is a pillar of the city’s identity, despite—or because of—its history of ups and downs.

Brann Stadion

Brann Stadion, the home pitch of Bergen’s soccer team, is more than a soccer field—it’s a testament to the team’s and city’s perseverance.