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Northern hanging lamps over a table

Northern light

Inspired by Norwegian nature, Northern designs beautiful lamps and lighting fixtures that create a sense of warmth and comfort in every room.

Nordic Edge

At the Nordic Edge Cross Atlantic webinar on sustainable urban living, panelists discussed the importance and practice of designing sustainable buildings.

Virtual royal visit

A virtual royal visit

Crown Prince Haakon and a delegation of Norwegian dignitaries made a virtual royal visit to California to discuss climate goals and actions.



The family-owned silversmith Sylvsmidja in Norway is the world’s largest producer of bunad silver. Now they are looking to expand into American market.

EpiGuard EpiShuttle

Innovation out of Norway

As the world begins to open up, EpiGuard offers the cruise industry a new asset: the EpiShuttle, a unit to safely transport and isolate infected patients.

Norwegian passport

Living and working in Norway

A simple guide to the distinctions between permanent residency and Norwegian citizenship, including eligibility requirements and the benefits of each.