Category: Business

Four experts weigh in

The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce webinar, “Managing Transatlantic Business in Uncertain Times,” on April 29 offered insights from four recognized experts.

Susan Meyer - Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, PC

“Gløgg in the drapes”

Susan Meyer is the new Norwegian honorary consul for Illinois, tasked in part to make things “comfortable,” “warm,” and “feeling like home.”


NACC online town hall

On April 8, the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce U.S.A. and the Norwegian Consulate in N.Y., hosted a town hall on the impact of COVID-19.

Video Calling

Confrere comes to the rescue

Rasmus Falck discusses Confrere, a new—and secure—app for video-conferencing between physicians and patients launched in Norway.

Bussiness - ohan H. Andresen

For me, it’s a true honor

Marit Fosse interviews Johan H. Andresen of the Norwegian Sovreign Wealth Fund in an exclusive article for The Norwegian American.

Harder before it gets easier

Rasmus Falck discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Norwegian economy, as oil prices plumment and the Norwegian currency falls.