Category: Barneblad

Barneblad: Magical marzipan

In this edition of Barneblad, learn how to make and model marzipan so you can add a special Norwegian twist to your holiday festivities!

Barneblad: Building Bryggen

In this edition of Barneblad, Lori Ann Reinhall shares how you can build your own miniature Bergen out of gingerbread (or graham cracker).

Barneblad: Go fish!

In this edition of Barnebladet, Lori Ann Reinhall takes to the seas with fish facts, a living-room fishing activity, and how to play the card game, “Go Fish!”

Barneblad: Alle fugler små de er

Lori Ann Reinhall is back with a new Barneblad, where you can learn the names of the Norwegian springtime birds with the beloved children’s song Alle fugler små de er.

Barneblad: Let’s take a trip!

A feature to share with kids and grandkids Brought to you by Lori Ann Reinhall Traveling is a very special activity: not only can you learn a lot on a trip, but you can...