Category: Barneblad

Peer Gynt in Morocco

Follow Peer Gynt on his escape from trolls and travels to Morocco, where he dresses like royalty and learns new, exoctic Arabian dances.

Edvard Grieg and the trolls

Bill Halverson writes about Edvard Grieg’s music composed for Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, a story about a boy and trolls in the mountains.

Edvard Grieg goes to Rome

Bill Halvorson writes about Edvard Grieg’s stay in Rome in 1865 and his composition of a funeral march for his dear friend Rikard Nordraak.

Edvard Grieg goes to Germany

Bill Halverson writes about Edvard Grieg and his travels to Germany to study at the Leipzig Conservatory before returning home to Bergen, Norway.

A boy named Edvard Grieg

In his monthly column, Bill Halverson introduces young readers to Edvard Grieg and tells of his childhood and his first composition.

Barneblad: All about language

In this month’s Barneblad, Lori Ann Reinhall asks young readers to test their Norwegian skills by matching pictures to the correct Norwegian words.