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School moves home

School has moved home for Norwegian children with the outbreak of the coronavirus, and for msot, it is going well.

Solberg - coronavirus

Solberg responds to coronavirus

Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she understands that recommendations around the coronavirus can be confusing. But actions must be appropriate to the phase we are in, she maintains.

War games canceled out of caution

Due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense has canceled its nine-nation military exercise, Cold Response.

oil drilling

Green activists push to stop Arctic driling

Environmemtalist groups take Norway to court over oil drilling The Local Two environmental groups are trying to take the Norwegian state to the Supreme Court of Norway for granting oil licenses in the Arctic....

Svalbard Treaty - Bear Island

Facts about the Svalbard Treaty

NTB Trans. by Andy Meyer, The Norwegian American Here are some key facts about the Svalbard Treaty: International agreement, signed Feb. 9, 1920, and enacted Aug. 14, 1925.  It established Norway’s “full and unrestricted...

Russia vs. Norway

Russia accuses Norway breaking the Svalbard Treaty Johan Falnes NTB / Trans. Andy Meyer Russia says Norway has transgressed the Svalbard Treaty by limiting Russian activity. Norway rejects the accusation outright. “In recent years,...

Isbell returns to Oslo

American songwriter bringing band to Oslo for biggest concert in Norway yet Gitte Johannessen NTB American star Jason Isbell is bringing his band, The 400 Unit, to Oslo Spektrum on Nov. 6, 2020. Between...

Climate goals may by unrealistic

Government says ending oil industry “won’t help” cut global emissions The Local Norway’s oil and energy minister says that the oil-rich country would be “of no help” to the environment if it ceased its...

EU membership

Is it time for Norway to join the EU?

Some members of the Liberal (Venstre) party advocate membership The Local A number of the Liberal (Venstre) party’s county branches say they are in favor of supporting European Union (EU) membership for Norway. Following...