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A door sign that reads, "Ørkenoy: Uncharted Inspiration"

Uncharted inspiration

New to the Chicago food scene, Ørkenoy brings together art, beer, cocktails, and Nordic-inspired food in a creative venture in Humboldt Park.

a pitcher and two glasses of pink rabarbrasaft (rhubarb cordial)

Raise a glass to summer

A delicious flavor that heralds the start of summer, rhubarb takes center stage in this new Taste of Norway recipe for rabarbrasaft (rhubarb cordial).


Rye and Oat Crispbread

Easy, versatile, and delicious, this recipe for rye and oat crispbread from Kristi Bissell is so good it is sure to become a household staple.


A taste of summer

Add some flair to your cooking this summer with this recipe for plankefisk, a technique of cooking a fish nailed to a plank and propped up by a campfire.

Waffles in Paradise

Waffles in Paradise brings Norwegian waffles to Bellingham, Wash., emphasizing the importance of supporting local producers and using organic ingredients.


Bounty of the sea

This fiskesuppe (fish soup) recipe is a celebration of the sea, with delicious fish and mussels complemented by two types of seaweed.