Young women shun fatty fish

Fatty fish? No thanks. Photo: Sara Johannessen / Scanpix

Fatty fish? No thanks. Photo: Sara Johannessen / Scanpix

Whether it’s taste, laziness or bad habits is the cause is not known, but young women fail the fat fish as never before.

Young people and especially young women eat less and less fatty fish, according to figures from the Health and Social Affairs.

90 percent of the young women who participated in the study ate less than 200 grams of oily fish a week, that is significantly less than one fish meal a week.

Tastes bad

Kate Sørum Granly (19) admits that she eats very little fish and would choose any other food. She never makes meals of oily fish.

“I would probably eat more fish to be a bit healthier, but I think it tastes bad, “she said.

She is not alone in that attitude. In her circle, almost nobody likes fish.

“Most people I know prefer chicken and taco, “said 19-year-old.

Healthy and important

Head of health care centers and schools in the county of Telemark , Jorunn Borge Westhrin, stresses the importance of eating oily fish.

“The fatty fish contains a lot of Omega-3, Iodine, B-12 and vitamin D. These are nutrients that we find little of other foods. And especially Omega-3 has a documented health effect in relation to cardiovascular disease” said Westhrin.

She believes it is unfortunate that there are young women who are fish adverse.

“Whether people eat fish or do not often taste, taught and have habits to eat. Therefore, it is especially important to do something in relation to young women and get them to eat fish so they can transfer the good habits to the next generation when it comes to eating fish.”

Source: NRK

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