Worst snowfall in Oslo since 1987

The major snowfall over southern Norway over the past week is causing problems, particularly in the capital, Oslo, where the snow clearing crews have difficulty in finding room for all the snow, after all the usual dumping grounds are filled up.


The Oslo Municipality have this past week engaged 180 clearing crews, a new record, and although they have been working around the clock, many of the city streets are still clogged with snow and snowed-down cars.

The handicapped and the elderly are unable to get out, since the sidewalks are also filled with snow in many places, and as the weather has become milder, the police are warning of huge icicles hanging overhead.

With the dumping grounds overfilled, the authorities have been forced to again allow snow to be dumped into the harbor. Dumping snow into the harbour basin has been forbidden, in order to protect it from pollution.

On Sunday morning the weather was clearing, at least in the Oslo area, and there is little or no snow forecast in the coming days.

Source: NorwayPost.

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