World’s longest sofa built in Norway

On June 14, the furniture industry in Sykkylven built a sofa measuring 890.25 meters in length (2,920 ft 9 in) – more than 10 times longer than the previous record of 64.78 m (212 ft 6 in) set in Greece in May this year. The numerous furniture companies in beautiful Sykkylven have been working together to achieve this new world record.

The sofa was built on “Sykkylvsbrua,” a bridge spanning the wide fjord of Sykkylven. The organizers of the event hope that their record is so “over the top” that it will never be beaten, and Arve Ekornes (Ekornes ASA) has told the media: “This record belongs to Sunnmøre”. The sofa was measured by the town mayor together with the police chief. A representative for The Guinness World Records visited Sykkylven, to check the measurement.  The sofa was assembled in 47.5 minutes, and thousands of people showed up to witness the event.

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