World’s largest three-masted barque visits Baltimore

On November 6, the majestic 95-year old sail ship HNoMS Statsraad Lemkuhl arrived at Baltimore Harbor. Manned with cadets from the Norwegian Naval Academy, the ship has made a transatlantic voyage from the west coast of Norway.

The ship sailed into Baltimore Inner Harbor on Saturday November 6, with cadets standing in the masts singing shanties. See the video here:

Built in Germany in 1914, Statsraad Lemkuhl is normally stationed in Bergen, Norway.

Sermon and reception

During Statsraad Lemkuhl’s visit to Baltimore, several events were hosted on the ship. On Sunday November 7, when the Norwegian Armed Forces’ commemorates its fallen soldiers, Navy Chaplain Cecilie Jørgensen Strømmen held her inaugural sermon aboard the ship.

On Monday, more than three hundred guests attended a reception at the ship. The crew served Norwegian food, including cured meat and many types of seafood. The reception was hosted by Norwegian Ambassador Wegger Strømmen and the Defence Attache Trond Grytting, together with Captain Thomas Wedervang, Superintendent of the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy.

You can find photos from the reception, and from Statsraad Lemkuhl’s arrival to Baltimore Harbor, at the Embassy’s Facebook page.

Annual trans-Atlantic voyage

This is the fourth consecutive year the ship crosses the Atlantic with cadets from the Norwegian Naval Academy.

The three-month voyage in the North Sea and across the Atlantic is part of the first year officer cadets’ training. During the trip the cadets learn old-fashioned seamanship, knots, tackling, shanties, and maintenance. Also, onboard professors are giving lectures in history, English, international affairs, leadership, psychology and ethics.

Statsraad Lemkuhl is currently making the return voyage to Norway, and is scheduled to stop in Halifax on November 18.
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