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Do you see the difference? Nils Trosterud holding the original Daily Mail from London in one hand. In the other hand he has an example of the same paper printed by Newsworld in New York. Foto: SISSEL TORDHOL/NEWSWORLD.

The Norwegian company Newsworld, now registered in Great Britain, has developed a system which offers a flexible and inexpensive way of publishing a special edition of a newspaper anywhere in the world.

Newsworld has developed a ‘distribute-then-print’ model, a flexible and inexpensive way of publishing a newspaper in any selected market, and the local versions of the newspaper will have the quality, look and feel of the original brand product.

Multiple daily editions and personalised or localised versions for both advertising and editorial are other features offered by the system.

Using a brand new high-speed, high quality single pass inkjet printing system, special inks, a newly developed finisher and proprietary workflow software, the Newsworld Publishing System delivers up to 600 copies of a 48 page tabloid newspaper per hour. In full color, full spreads.

The company has already set up printing units in New York and Dubai, and there are plans for opening a plant in London this fall, Nils Trosterud, Marketing Director and founder of the company says to Aftenposten.

Source: / Aftenposten / Newsworld

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