World base jumping record set in Norway

On Saturday August 8, 49 adrenaline seekers leaped from the Katthammaren mountain in Eikesdal, Romsdal, reports TV 2 Nyheter.

This beat Friday’s jump, when 36 thrill-seekers leaped from the same mountain in western Norway.

The established Norwegian base jumper Tom Erik Heimen was one of the organizers. “This jump was carefully planned. Safety is key, when so many people jump together,” said Heimen, Nike’s spokesperson in Norway, about he successful jump.

The record jump was made by 45 men and four women, from 13 different nations.

The Nike Sweetspot video under (from 2008) shows Tom Erik Heimen and friends jumping in the striking valleys of Romsdalen. Check out other Sweetspots at

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