Warnings about bedbugs

BedBugIs increasing in Norway

Bedbugs are insects that suck the blood of sleeping humans.

They have increased in number throughout the world in recent years – and are also found in Norway, writes of Public Health.

Insects staying usually in cracks in or near the bed.

“They are not dangerous, because they do not transfer, so far as we know, diseases. But a stick can give an intense itching of many,” said Preben Ottesen, director of injury Department of Public Health.

And there’s nothing nice about having these animals at home, because they are difficult to get rid of – and so can be a costly affair.

Difficult to detect

Bugs sting on bare skin, not through the clothing.

They are reddish brown and has an oval body shape. When the bedbug sucks blood, it swells up and gets darker color.

According to Ottesen, it is not so easy to detect bedbugs.

Most often it will be difficult to spot the animals if they do not occur in very large numbers. But their black excrement stains is easier to find, says Ottesen.

Included in the baggage

Bedbugs spread to people – and get into the luggage for travel. The temporary accommodations, such as hotels, tourist cabins, camping cabins or hostels, are particularly vulnerable to attack.

“Take a look at why the excrement stains under the mattress and the bed rail, when you reach a new accommodation,” advise department director.

If you discover bedbugs in a guesthouse, you should try to avoid spreading the animals further. Public Health recommend in this case to freeze the bags at -18 º C to everything is frozen through, or to wash clothes at a minimum of 60 º C, before traveling on.

Live a year without food

When you visited by the animals at home, Ottesen recommend contacting a pest company.

Bedbugs are not easy to remove on their own. They can live up to a year without food and they can withdraw into the cracks, so it is very difficult to get to them.

Source:Aftenbladet / Aftenposten

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