Vocational & Technical School Scholarships

Opportunities for vocational & technical school students

Daughters of Norway Grand Lodge Scholarships

The Grand Lodge Daughters of Norway offers scholarships to full-time college, university, technical, or vocational students. The applicant should have at least sophomore standing, meet the grade requirement, and be a member of the Daughters of Norway or related to a member. The number of awards varies with the funds, but at least one award of $1,000 is offered each year.
Deadline: July 15

Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Scholarship

The Greater Seattle Chapter of the NACC offers the Leif Eie Scholarship in the amount of $2,000. This scholarship is intended to promote trade, commerce, and other professional relations between Norway, Washington State, and the Pacific Northwest. Priority is given to applicants whose course of study is in business or the professions. All applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. and maintain a C+ grade point average or its equivalent.

Sons of Norway Foundation Astrid G. Cates Vocational Scholarship

This tuition-assistance scholarship is open to applicants who are current members of Sons of Norway or children or grandchildren of current members who are United States citizens. They must be between the ages of 17 – 26 and enrolled in post-secondary training or vocational/trade school or have proof of enrollment prior to receiving scholarship funding.
Deadline: March 1

Sons of Norway Foundation Douglas Warne – Rolf & Wenche Eng Scholarship

This scholarship assists with the costs of tuition, room and board for qualified applicants to attend educational institutions in Norway. Current American or Canadian members of the Sons of Norway or Rotary may apply, as well as their children or grandchildren. Students without family members in the organizations may select an advocate or representative from either one to sponsor their application. The award is open to applicants of any age who have completed one full year of college-level work, or have been accepted by a post-secondary institution in Norway, including but not limited to craft, folk, music, theatre, or technical schools, Oslo International Summer School, or undergraduate colleges/universities in Norway. Applicants need not be currently attending school to apply.
Deadline: January 15

Sons of Norway Foundation Sissel and Rodger Espeland Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sons of Norway International Board member and leader, Roger Espeland, was born in Iowa to Norwegian parents. His wife and long-time Sons of Norway member, Sissel Liknes Espeland was born in Norway. Sissel and Roger are pleased to support a young adult who is also connected to their heritage and culture. The Sissel and Roger Espeland Memorial Scholarship Fund creates an opportunity for qualified applicants to receive scholarships for post-secondary education at accredited four-year institutions or training at accredited vocational/trade schools located in the United States of America.
Deadline: March 1

Sons of Norway Leif Erikson Lodge No.1 Douglas Warne Vocational Scholarship

Douglas Warne Vocational Scholarship will award a scholarship to an eligible person 18-25 attending or planning on attending an accredited technical, trade, or vocational program in Washington state.

Sons of Norway Leif Erikson Lodge No.1 Youth Leadership Award

This award is is for one young person 18-25 planning on attending an institution of higher learning or trade school. The amount of the award is $1,000.