UN envoy Eide strongly criticized

Photo: UN

Afghanistan has strongly criticised senior UN official Kai Eide, a Norwegian diplomat, for asking Aghanistan to clamp down on corruption, accusing him of disrespecting the country’s sovereignty, reports Norway Post

Eide, UN’s special envoy to Afghanistan, was among those who this week warned Karzai that he could lose international support unless his new government tackled endemic official corruption.

On Nov. 6 the foreign ministry in Kabul issued a statement rejecting such criticism, saying they breached “accepted international norms” and “violated respect for Afghanistan’s national sovereignty.”

In his statement, Eide said that warlords should be kept out of President Karzai’s government. “The government should be made up of competent, reform oriented persons able to carry out reforms,” he said.

President Karzai has also been criticised by other world leaders over the past few days, NRK points out: British Prime Minister George Brown and French Foreign Minister Bernhard Kouchner have openly accused the Afghan president of corruption.

Source: Norway Post

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