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“This I react with great satisfaction” said the rector of the University of Bergen, Sigumd Grønmo to NRK. “It is a further confirmation of the great progress the University has been internationally in recent years.”

On the list of universities are the University of Bergen at the following locations: at 6 place of best universities in the Nordic countries, in 43 place in Europe, and at 135 place in the world. It is the only Norwegian university the ranking.

Will attract better students and staff

“This means that the university will become even more attractive in the international context, and we attract better students and better employees” said Rector Grønmo. And we have developed our contacts with the world around us, which will have major repercussions for the cultural community and the business community in the entire west coast.

Systematic focus on research

In particular, citations of publications and research quality and impact that contributes to UiB’s strong position among the world’s leading universities.

“The university’s successes and strong international position would have been inconceivable without our systematic investment in research and research training in all communities” said Grønmo.

Better than Copenhagen

But what does it say that you are on this list? How high are you in class?

“We have a higher ranking than other well-known Nordic universities, such as Uppsala and Copenhagen. So that says something about how strongly we’ve done it.”

Source: NRK

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