Two Norwegian losses in Curling Championships

The Norwegian curling girls lost their two World Cup matches on Monday night. First, it was 5.9 against Sweden, then 3.8 against host nation Canada.

After three games Norway has one win and two losses. Skip Linn Githmark. Norway led 2-0 over Sweden, but had great difficulty in turn four and five. Both of these were lost 0-3.

Norway reduced the score to 6-4 in the sixth, but Sweden went into round nine with 9-4-lead. The Norwegian girls managed only one point in the next to last round, and thus gave up.

Canada led 4-0 before the Norwegian girls received their first points in round five in the second match. As the host nation took the three points in round eight and increased the lead to 8.3, Githmark gave up.

Source: Aftenbladet/Read More

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