Tromsø “The capital of world polar research”


The Polar Environmental Centre (Polarmiljøsenteret)

“The town of Tromsø is to become the world’s capital on polar research,” the Norwegian Minister of Environment said during a visit to “The capital of the Arctic”.

Minister Erik Solheim stressed that Tromsø will be made “the world’s capital on polar affairs.”

The statement was made in an election campaign meeting, reports The minister promised another 150 new job positions related to polar research in the Arctic capital.

Tromsø from before has one of the world’s leading environments on Arctic research. In year 1999, a total of nine institutions joint forces with the establishment of the Polar Environmental Centre. Among the organizations represented in the town is the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Now also the Institute of Marine Research, Cicero (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo) and the National Veterinary Institute intend to move into the premises of the Polar Environmental Centre, a press release reads.

Solheim represents the Socialist Left Party. Elections in Norway are due September 14 this year.


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