Tromsø in gigapixels

World’s largest multi-touch screen at the University of Tromsø shows the northern city in incredible detail

A giga pixel image contains a billion pixels (1000 times larger than a megapixel), which most people are familiar from ordinary digital camera. Now Tor Magne Stien Hagen, Daniel Stødle, and Otto Anshus, at the University of Tromsø combined 2200 giga pixel images of Tromsø on a 18 square meter multi-touch screen, with a spectacular result.

The touch screens are perhaps best known for users of Apple’s products like the iPhone and Macbook. But the world’s largest display is not even dependent on touch– it takes a mere motion with one’s finger.

The screen was developed by the Department of Informatics at the University of Tromsø, and is used for several projects. One of these is the world’s first cyber opera where opera singers, orchestras, and audiences can be in different cities, but to get an overall opera experience via the Internet.

The relatively small computer science community at UiT is a world leader in several fields.

Source: University of Tromsø

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