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See this cacophony of color, shape, and sound at Macy’s flagship store

Macy's window display in honor of the upcoming Trolls movie.

Photo: Elisa Huberman / YouTube
Macy’s window display is inspired by Betsey Johnson’s latest collection and the world of Trolls. See more of this display at

Victoria Hofmo
Brooklyn, N.Y.

After attending the opening of the 2016 Nordic International Film Festival at Scandinavia House in New York, I took a brisk walk towards Broadway to hop on the subway. Lo and behold, I came across a dazzling gumball-colored window display at Macy’s flagship store. In the most prominent of windows—the ones reserved for Macy’s iconic Christmas extravaganza—there was a tribute to the upcoming movie Trolls. What could have been more apropos?

Yes, I know it will be sappy. It will be silly. And some of the characters inevitably will be scatterbrained. But guys, we’re talking about trolls—those Scandinavian creatures that each one of you dear readers has a collection of, or at least one, residing in your home.

The inspiring display features Betsey Johnson fashions—a perfect fit for that whimsical septuagenarian. (Plus, with the name of Johnson, she could be Scandinavian.) Her latest collection is a collaboration with DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls. The collection—named “Betsey Johnson xox Trolls” in honor of the movie—was unveiled at Madison Square Garden during New York Fashion Week, which was held in early September. Celebrities Ariana Grande and Flo Rida performed in Johnson garb for the fete. FashionWindows described the collection as featuring “quirky and eclectic pieces that are the perfect fusion of fashion and fun.”

And these windows encapsulate these adjectives quite nicely! Some of the mannequins sport foot-long poufs of wish-nick styled hair in bright red, emerald, and cobalt blue—a la cotton candy caught in a light socket. The kid’s fashion window features shoes topped with adorable trolls. In another tableau, a troll couple dances on spinning psychedelic daisies.

The accompanying music is an electronic version of Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” You can catch this truly over-the-top experience at Macy’s Herald Square.

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