Troll Wall ski feat

Spanish extreme sportsman becomes first to ski down Norway’s Troll Wall

Troll Wall

Photo: Kilian Jornet / Facebook
The dotted line represents Jornet’s route down the extreme slope.

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Kilian Jornet from Spain completed a descent down the Fiva route on Troll Wall, an extreme peak in Romsdal, this February, reports Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Several extreme skiers have considered the route in the past, but none have previously completed the feat, according to the report.

“It was all very interesting because it is a very ‘logical’ and attractive line for skiing,” Jornet told NRK via text.

The Spaniard has spent two years planning and assessing possible ways of skiing down the Fiva route, which is carved out of the northern part of the Troll Wall and filled with snow during winter.

The skier climbed the lower part of the Troll Wall in order to assess the type of equipment, including ropes, straps, and ice axes, he would need to ski down it.

Good conditions then convinced him to go ahead with the attempt. “I climbed up to check out the conditions before I set out. It’s important to know what to expect,” he said.

“The upper 200m [650 feet] is for sure one of the steepest I have ever skied… it is exposed all the way down,” Jornet wrote of the mountain on Facebook.
The entire route includes almost one mile of descent, a 55-60° decline and two abseiling sections, according to Jornet’s Facebook post.

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