Trade and industry central in Norwegian-Russian relations

Photo: Per Thrana/Office of the Prime Minister.

Photo: Per Thrana/Office of the Prime Minister.

Bilateral trade relations are central when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visits Norway. On 26 April the President participates with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg at a major Norwegian-Russian trade and industry conference in Oslo.

“I am certain that President Medvedev’s state visit to Norway will stimulate the further development of Norwegian-Russian trade and industry relations,” says the Prime Minister.

The aim of the trade and industry conference is to demonstrate the broad scope and future possibilities for Norwegian-Russian trade and industry relations. Central topics are energy, fisheries, new technology and industrial cooperation. Central Norwegian and Russian trade and industry leaders will have the opportunity to meet with Stoltenberg and Medvedev.

Good working conditions are central to the development of Norwegian-Russian trade and industry relations. Russian membership in the WTO and the possibility of a future EFTA trade agreement with Russia will contribute to this. These will be central topics during the visit.

“A trade agreement between the EFTA countries and Russia has high priority for Norway, and we support Russian membership in the WTO,” says Stoltenberg.

Russia is a central trade partner for Norway. In 2009 the total export to and import from Russia reached NOK 12 billion. Seafood represents more than 80 per cent of Norway’s export to Russia. Over the last decade an increasing number of Norwegian companies have engaged in relations with Russia, and more than 100 companies now have permanent representation in Russia.

Source: The Office of the Prime Minister

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