Tine combine dairy companies

The new company Tine SA becomes the owner of 44 dairies.  (Photo: Scanpix)

The new company Tine SA becomes the owner of 44 dairies. (Photo: Scanpix)

Tine’s dairy companies havev merged with the parent company, to form a company that will be named Tine SA, was adopted at the annual meeting of Tine.

The background is a new cooperative and the need to adapt the organization to increased competition.

The merger will be completed by the end of August and provide an annual savings of 12 million kroner.

Increased competition

“While Tine must adapt to the new cooperative law, it was natural to look at how the company is organized to be more efficient and competitive. The merger will provide more scale, more efficient operation and a simple business and organizational model,” says executive director Elizabeth Morthen, according to a press release.

44 dairies

Tine SA becomes the owner of 44 dairies and five logistics terminals in Norway.

Tine Dairy East, Tine Dairy South, Tine Dairy West, Mid-Norway Tine and Tine Dairy North are now independent regional companies.

Following the merger, Tine SA will still will have a regional division, the areas where these companies are now refining will retain the geographical reference of the name.

Rogaland, Agder and Telemark counties will thus be called Com South.

Tine Dairy Jæren

The individual dairies are renamed, for instance, Tine Dairy Nærbø and Tine Dairy Byrkjelo.

A Big Dairy is now being built in the south of Kviamarka Nærbø and will be named Tine Dairy Jæren. The facility will replace the dairies at Voll, in Kleppekrossen on Nærbø and Vikeså after autumn 2011.

New Chairman

At the annual Meeting of Tine on Friday afternoon, they chose current vice chairman of the Com-board Trond Reierstad (52) from Akershus the new chairman after Fredmund Sandvik South Trøndelag. Sandvik withdrew just before the annual meeting because of ill health. Ingunn Sognnes from Sogn og Fjordane is elected as the new vice president.


The Board also has this composition: Bodil Mannsverk, Finnmark (new); Jan Ove Tryggestad, More og Romsdal (not elected), Thorstein Grande, North-Trøndelag (new), Nina Sæter, Surnadal in Møre og Romsdal, (new) ; Ole Magnar Undheim, Rogaland (reelection); Einar Kristiansen, Nordland (not elected); Heidi Hylland, Telemark (re-election), Helga Thorvik; Oppland (not elected).

Employees are represented by four representatives of the Executive Board: Lars Iver Wiig, Norway, Svein Forde, Byrkjelo in Sogn og Fjordane, Ingrid Haug, in Ås and Egil Torland, Nærbø in Rogaland.

Source: Aftenbladet

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