Thumbs up for Lambda in Oslo

”Lambda” © Herreros Arquitectos / HAV Eiendom

The City Council of Oslo has chosen the Lambda project, designed by Spanish Herroros Arquitectos, as concept for further development of the new Munch museum in Oslo.

Their conclusion is based on the architectural design jury report, the negotiations of the competition’s phase 2 and the evaluations performed by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, the Agency of Planning and Building Services and the Cultural Heritage Office of the City of Oslo.

In September 2008, the council decided that the Museum including the Stenersen Museum’s collections and the Deichman Main Public Library should be located in the close vicinity of Oslo’s new opera house – both as an important part of the realisation of the “Fjord City” project in Bjørkvika as well as an independent cultural effort for the benefit of Oslo’s inhabitants.

The Fjord City Plan, the result of a four-year process of planning and collaboration, was approved by the City Council in February 2008. The plan provides general guidelines for planning of the Fjord City, and establishes key themes for impact analysis. The plan defines areas for construction, parks and port activities, provides the groundwork for environmentally-friendly transportation systems, and ensures general access to the waterfront.

NRK and Dagbladet have reported that the museum building has caused controversy. Some people think the structure is too tall and dominating, and they hope for a new architectural design competition. Others do not think the building is environmental friendly enough.

The council noted that the new museum, as well as the Deichman Main Public Library, will be made more environmental friendly than planned.

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