Extortion threats in Oslo linked to tax lists

Around 30 people in the higher income bracket in the larger Oslo area have over the past several days received a threatening letter in the mail, demanding large sums of money, reports the Norway Post.

The letters arrived shortly after the tax sheets from the Internal Revenue Office were sent out. These are public information in Norway and published by many newspapers and on the Internet, showing income, tax payments and accumulated wealth.

One man living in Oslo says he has received a threatening letter telling him to put NOK 150,000 in a paper bag and to leave it in his garden. Otherwise his family will be hurt, the letter said.

“The blackmailer is using information from the tax sheets,” says Chief of the Oslo Central Police Headquarter, Bjørn Aage Hansen.

However, he says the recipients of the letters should not be overly concerned, since experience shows that such threats seldom are put into effect.

Source: Norway Post

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