The Search for Amundsen: Mission Almost Complete


The search for Roald Amundsen and the “Latham 47” to the north of Bear Island (Bjørnøya), in the Barents sea, is in full swing.

The search team reports that a number of interesting objects have already been discovered, however upon closer inspection, they proved irrelevant to the operation, because the “Latham 47” has not been discovered yet.

Regardless, the crew on board the KV Harstad remains optimistic that in the final days of the expedition, remnants of the French aircraft “Latham 47”, lost in 1928, will be recovered.

The team’s return may be eagerly awaited on Saturday, September 5, 2009. The search findings will be released at a press conference immediately upon arrival of the KV Harstad in the harbor of Tromsø.

Read more about the search here

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