The Science of Beauty: Norwegian Salmon Shows positive results in fighting skin aging

Photo: Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

BEIJING — The “science of beauty” and “better skincare through diet” were dominant themes at a media event in Beijing to mark the conclusion of “The 100-Day Norwegian Salmon Health & Beauty Challenge,” a healthy lifestyle program by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

Aspiring to enhance their skin beauty and improve their body shape, 20 female participants in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou consumed Norwegian Salmon 3 times per week and exercised at least 2 times per week.

At the event, a leading dermatologist reported on the results of a skin complexion pilot study associated with the 100-day program. The study measured the effectiveness of Norwegian Salmon consumption in promoting skin health. “The pilot study results suggest a strong correlation between intake of Norwegian Salmon and skin health, particularly with regards to important factors like skin moisture and the skin’s ability to protect itself from environmental influences,” said Dr. Wu Yan dermatologist at Peking University First Hospital.

The dermatologist tested the participants in 5 standard aspects that are representative for skin aging: water content in the outer layer of skin, skin barrier function, skin color evenness, facial pore size and wrinkles. Each of the 10 participants in the pilot study showed positive results in all areas.

“We saw significant positive changes for all test areas except wrinkle reduction, but even in this area-which typically takes longer to effect change-there were slight improvements,”  said. Dr. Wu Yan.

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