The Royal Palace may also have been under surveillance


The police is now investigating into the possibility that King Harald and the Royal Family may also have been under alleged illegal surveillance of the Defence Security Services, according to the newspaper VG.

A Royal Palace spokesperson says they have been informed that an investigation is underway, but has refused to comment further.

According to NRK, it was reports of someone in the Justice Department surfing on pornografic web sites that set off the alarm that led to the dicovery of the alleged illegal suveillance of the departments that was reported earlier.

The Defence Security Service reported the incident, and the report led to the discovery of the surveillance.

Defence spokesmen as well as other experts underline that the surveillance does not involve monitoring of personal e-mail or mobile phone communications, but is aimed at the high security data networks in general.

The main question is whether or not the surveillance has been carried out according to the regulations approved by the Parliament (Storting), experts say. However, many politicians and legal experts now demand that the whole surveillance policy be re-examined thoroughly.

Source: Norway Post

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