The Peer Gynt Prize to Ole Gunnar Solskjær


This years Peer Gynt Prize is awarded to 36-year-old Norwegian soccer star Ole Gunnar Solskjær. On July 29, Ole is visiting Vinstra, Gudbransdalen. A huge celebration is planned for him.

Solskjær was born in Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal, and spent the majority of his career playing for Manchester United in England.

In 2008 Solskjær was awarded Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St Olav by King Harald V of Norway. The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav was founded by King Oscar I in 1847. It is conferred as “a reward for distinguished services rendered to the country and mankind”. His Majesty The King is the Grand Master of the Order. Solkjær is the youngest recipient of the knighthood, usually bestowed upon notable members of society in their later years. 

Ole, who is looked upon as a role model amongst both young and old around the world, has been a UNISEF Ambassador since 2003.

About the Peer Gynt Prize

Ibsen’s Peer is an unscrupulous capitalist and slave trader. He abandons everything and everyone. He avoids anything that is hurtful or harsh, sails through life without showing consideration for anyone – and walks the earth without accomplishing a thing. The values enshrined in the Peer Gynt Prize are everything that Peer is not. A person or an institution that has distinguished oneself/itself in a way that is positive and beneficial to society, and who/which has promoted Norway abroad.

Peer Gynt at Lake Gålå

Peer Gynt is Norway’s national epic, and has its natural place in world literature. Henrik Ibsen’s story about Peer, the impoverished young man, show-off and adventurer has inspired audiences and tugged at their heartstrings the world over. What does it mean to be oneself? With the Gudbrandsdal scenery as a background, and with Edvard Grieg’s music, the outdoor performance of Peer Gynt at Lake Gålå is the nearest you will get to Henrik Ibsen’s “original” Peer Gynt. The performance, which is one of Norway’s most sought after plays, is this year (July 29 – August 8) celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

For more information see:

The Peer Gynt Play at Lake Gålå in Gudbrandsdalen.

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