The Norwegian Defense Ministry’s task: 15% of organic food in 2012

The Norwegian Ministry for Defense recently announced that in 2012 15% of its bases and institutions will turn to organic.

Due to the large consumption by officials and soldiers, this measure will help boost the production and popularization of organic foods.

As part of this plan, the Defense cooking departments in Norway have already received funding to implement the pilot project to use organic products in their kitchens, reported. The plan, launched in 2007, will be completed in 2010, although the consequences could extend a few years more. The measure also guarantees fresh food and better quality, a reduction of expenses as well as assistance for local producers, who are these kitchens’ suppliers.

Military cooks have already attended classes for organic food and have visited several facilities since these professionals’ knowledge is considered essential for the plan’s successful achievement.

The project requires that from 2010 5% of the food consumed in the Norwegian Defense will be organic, and the goal is to reach 15% by 2012. This week there will be a workshop in Trondheim, where the main aspects and problems of the plan and the first experiences will be discussed.


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