The new Holmenkollen hill stands

Holmenkollen under construction. Photo:

Holmenkollen under construction. Photo:

n Nov. 24, it was finally time: Section 8, the final part of the new Holmenkollen ski jump was mounted in brilliant sunshine. “This is a historic day. Oslo has regained its icon,” said city council leader Stian Berger Røsland.

“This is a milestone for all of us working on the project. A year ago, the old facility was dismantled. Now Oslo’s landmark stands again. I have to praise the entire project team. They have done an outstanding job,” says builder Eric Øimoen.

The last step in the construction was the most complicated in the entire project. Section 8 of the new hill is 35 meters long and weighing 144 tons. It was placed in a 36-degree angle. The entire steel structure, consisting of eight steel structures weighs 1030 tons. The steel comes from Finland but the different structures were prepared in Poland. The assembly of the windshield will begin next.

To watch the video of the entire lifting, click here.


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