The International Ibsen Award 2010 goes to Jon Fosse

Playwright Jon Fosse. Photo: Forfatter Foreningen

Playwright Jon Fosse. Photo: Forfatter Foreningen

The International Ibsen Award for 2010 has been given to the Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse. The award will be presented Sept. 10 during the Ibsen Festival at the National Theatre in Oslo.

The Norwegian writer Jon Fosse is one of the most prominent names in contemporary drama. He was born in 1959 and lives in Bergen, Norway. He is an author, poet and playwright, with more than 30 plays to his credit. Since his debut in 1994, his plays have been staged more than nine hundred times across the world. Fosse has been translated into Albanian, Hebrew, Catalan, Farsi, Sami, Slovenian, Tibetan and more than 40 other languages. He has previously received a number of prizes and awards, including the Scandinavian National Theatre Award (2002), the Arts Council Norway Honorary Prize (2003) and the Swedish Academy’s Nordic Prize (2007).

The International Ibsen Award ceremony will take place on 10 September during The International Ibsen Stage Festival. An international press conference will be held prior to the ceremony.

Source: Ibsen Awards

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