The heatwave is continuing in Norway

Foto: Janne Bjergli /

Foto: Janne Bjergli /

A heatwave with temperatures around 30 Celcius (86 F) the last two weeks has resulted in a shortage of fans and portable air conditioning systems in appliance stores around Norway.

The largest chain stores, such as Elkjøp and Expert, report record sales.

Store Manager at Elkjøp in Sarpsborg, Anders Foss, says he has never experienced anything like this. “On Monday morning there was a line-up outside the store before we had opened. And people asked for fans and air condiditoning systems in order to get some relief. We cleaned the shelves, but have a new shipment coming in already this morning,” Foss says.

To the relief of many, meteorologists are forecasting lower temperatures in the south already this coming weekend.  

In southern Norway, this past week’s temperatures have been higher than in popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy and Crete. Warnings about forest fire have been issued.

Source: Norway Post / NRK /

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