The European Commission presents network of CCS demonstration projects at DNV headquarters

Oslo: The European Commission held its first preparatory meeting for the new European network of carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration projects on 2-3 December. The meeting gathered delegates from 22 projects in 13 European countries. The network, which has been created to speed up the process of full-scale industry implementation of CCS technology, is being established with input from DNV.

Simon Bennett, Project Manager, European Commission

Simon Bennett, Project Manager, European Commission

CO2 networking and knowledge sharing

22 European CCS demonstration projects participated in the event at Høvik on December 2 and 3. The purpose of the network is to facilitate a process to shorten the time from policy making to industry-scale implementation of CCS.

After the initial introductory phases the network will provide the first movers within the field with a means of coordination, exchange of information and experience. There will also be a focus on identifying best practices, thereby ensuring that the best technologies available in Europe are utilised to their full potential. Furthermore the network will work closely with other international and national initiatives. Altogether the network will enable the participants to maximise the impact of research and development and optimise costs through shared actions.

DNV to facilitate and guide

DNV’s role is to provide expert input to the European Commission in establishing and facilitating the gathering and sharing of information. DNV will organise knowledge sharing events and has recently, together with the European Commission, initiated a web-based platform. These actions will help focus the policies and actions that are needed in order to establish a long-term value chain for CO2.

DNV is also responsible for providing highly specialised services relating to information and communication functions within the network, in addition to knowledge management and CCS technology.

DNV on carbon capture and storage

DNV has taken an active role in initiating industry efforts aimed at solving common technology challenges for years. Early next year DNV will launch three guidelines on CCS. DNV is also one of the founding members of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, an institute established with a purpose of accelerating the commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects to ensure their valuable contribution in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: DNV

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