Telenor Becomes Norwegian Red Cross' Key Partner

Telenor and the Norwegian Red Cross have signed an agreement making Telenor a Red Cross’ key partner for the next three years. The agreement is worth at least NOK 9 million.

“The flood disaster in Pakistan, where we have operations, has had a strong effect on us, and the efforts of the Red Cross to get the country on its feet again have been formidable. Through their helpline services and their work with digital bullying, the organisation has proven themselves to be a relevant and strong collaborative partner for Telenor,” says Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO at Telenor.

This is a 3 year agreement made up of three parts:

  • NOK 1.5 million in annual relief assistance to Pakistan
  • NOK 1 million per year to the Red Cross helpline services, which includes the Cross My Heart helpline.
  • NOK 500,000 funding per year for discretionary use

Telenor Norway has also decided to continue with the much talked about “Bruk Hue” (Use Your Head) tour, which is a campaign against digital bullying in schools, run in collaboration with the Red Cross, BarneVakten and The Norwegian Media Authority. So far the tour has visited 150 junior high schools covering major parts of Norway. Telenor has granted NOK 1 million for visits to 50 new schools in spring 2011. The management in Telenor Norway has also decided that this year’s staff Christmas presents amounting to NOK 1 million, will be given entirely to the “Bruk Hue” tour, which means that a total of 100 schools will be visited in 2011.

“It is a Christmas present that will be of great significance to Norwegian children and youth in the coming year. There are still calls coming in every week from schools and parent committees expressing a strong desire for a visit from the “Bruk Hue” tour. The “Bruk Hue” tour is an example of cooperation which is not just about a company donating money to humanitarian causes, but using its technology and competence for the greater good of children and youth, with efforts that are more goal-oriented and relevant,” says General Secretary of the Red Cross, Børge Brende. “We are also happy that Telenor is helping our relief work in Pakistan. In this way they are part of creating positive moments, both for children in the digital world here in Norway, and for children and youth who have lost everything in the flood in Pakistan,” he continues.

“Telenor and the Norwegian Red Cross have worked incredibly well together over several years now. Telenor is proud to be contributing to the very important work being done by the Red Cross and its employees to help people in need,” says Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

Source: Telenor

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