Tainted letter to Israelis sent within Norway

Photo: NRK

The Israeli Embassy in Oslo. Photo: NRK


Police in Norway suspected Sunday Feb.15 that a letter addressed to the Israeli embassy in Oslo that injured two postal workers was sent within the country.

“The envelope contained a letter written in Norwegian making threats (against Israel),” Lennart Kyrdalen of the Oslo police criminal investigation unit told AFP, without giving any details as to the nature of the threats.

The two postal workers, aged 28 and 48, were released from hospital Saturday, a day after they sustained burns to the hands and eyes after handling the letter which now is being examined for clues.

Questioned by police upon leaving hospital, the younger postal worker said he felt itchy whilst handling the letter on Friday (Feb. 13). He summoned his supervisor, who in turn felt his eyes burning even without touching the document.

Health authorities examined the letter and confirmed police suspicions that it had been tainted with chemcials, rather than any bacterial ingredients.

But Kyrdalen said tests to determine why the two men suffered from a reaction had proved inconclusive.

Source: africasia.com

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