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Wish again as Anja’s adventure continues

The story of the little elf that became the main character from The New York Times bestseller The Christmas Wish continues. This year The Polar Bear Wish by Lori Evert and Per Breiehagen is out.

Get a taste of Europe’s northernmost point

The Hurtigruten ferry arrives twice daily. Hundreds of nature-loving tourists are amazed at the natural settings and look forward to leaving the ship. The harbor of Honningsvåg, administrative center and town of some 2,500 inhabitants where most residents live, will welcome all on the North Cape Road.


Clipfish, a trial, and the memory of war

The celebration of the national day in Norway always includes marching bands. At the northernmost tip of Norway, the marching band in Honningsvåg, Honningsvåg music association (HMF) travels each Syttende Mai by bus from one fishing village to another to play for the population.

Oslo's iron roses

Oslo’s iron roses

Oslo’s iron roses: Seven years after the July 11 tragedy at Utøya, iron roses made by people all over the world who found that they shared a bond rooted in empathy will remind Norwegians of what happened with a new memorial in Oslo.

A polar hero, forgotten no more

Over 100 years after the historic expeditions, Amundsen’s cook finally gets his recognition Tove Andersson Oslo Over 150 years after his birth, Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm is finally being honored for his contributions to Norwegian...

Slow TV migrates with reindeer

Tove Andersson Oslo “The whole project is madness,” said Ole Rune Hætta, Program Director at NRK Sápmi. Reindeer herding minute by minute took a new turn and the slow TV program had to take...

The perfect recipe

Subject and medium pair nicely in Christian Kjelstrup’s food portraits of authors Tove Andersson Oslo The author Christian Kjelstrup, now called “ketchup,” got the idea of portraying authors in food on dishes and giving...

On top of Oslo: Ekebergparken’s sculptures delight

Tove Andersson Oslo Cyclists, hikers, tourists, and families with backpacks filled with hot drinks all love the sculpture park at Ekeberg, an area with heavy cultural and historical value in a geologically interesting area...