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The Bird Catcher

GSFF presents

The Bird Catcher Garden State Film Festival Asbury Park, N.J. The 17th Annual Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) will kick off this year’s screenings of over 240 independent films from around the globe with...

Dive into suspense

John Smistad reviews the Norwegian thriller Pioneer (Pionér, 2013), directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg.

Los Bandos

Five prizes in one week for Los Bando

The most prestigious of the five prizes given to Los Bando in one week was the audience prize at the world’s largest media festival, Cinekid in Amsterdam. Los Bando is a crazy road movie about a young band from Norway, Los Bando Immortale.

Heads up for Nesbø

Hunting for a not-by-the-numbers thriller? Headhunters (Hodejegerne, 2011) is the movie for you. Based on the 2008 Jo Nesbø book of the same name, the film won many awards, including the Public Choice Award of the Amandaprise, Norway’s Oscar equivalent.

What Will Folk Say?

What Will People Say

Pakistani-Norwegian Film Director Iram Haq has used her experience with the challenges of cultural assimilation in a powerful film, Hva vil folk si (What will people say). The film pingpongs between the Urdu and Norwegian languages and our main character, 16-year-old Nisha, navigates effortlessly through each.

Film review: The King’s Choice

Christine Foster Meloni Washington, D.C. The King’s Choice (Kongens nei) was named Best Norwegian Film of 2016 by the Norwegian Film Critics Association. It was Norway’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at...

Norway’s turn at the Oscars?

The King’s Choice / Kongens nei is shortlisted for the best foreign-language film The Local The Norwegian film The King’s Choice / Kongens nei is one of nine movies to make the short list...

Autumn Fall premieres in New York

The largely ad-libbed film is a love letter to Oslo and an intimate portrait of two artists Victoria Hofmo Brooklyn, N.Y. Autumn Fall begins with a montage of warmly lit cozy scenes of Oslo,...