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Herbs enliven this salmon smørbrød

You can taste spring in this open-faced sandwich that’s a taste treat any time of year Lindsey Rose Johnson Cafe Johnsonia My Norwegian ancestors would probably disown me if they knew how much I...


The “cure” for the winter gray

Daytona Strong explains how the vibrant color of gravlax and its rich salmon flavor wake up the darkest of days. The cure begins with sugar, salt, and dill encasing the salmon. By the time the ingredients are fully applied, there’s no trace of the fish. The vibrant red of the sockeye is buried—as its name grav

From preservation technique to delicacy

Gravlax, or “buried salmon,” is an iconic Nordic food with an interesting history Nevada Berg Rollag, Norway Gravlax is an iconic Nordic dish and one which is easily prepared at home. Nothing difficult, nothing...