Syttende Mai Kryssord

Frihetens farger—The Colors of Freedom

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The Norwegian American

This year’s Syttende Mai crossword is lighter in thematic material, but it calls attention to the designer of perhaps the most common sight on Norway’s national day, lining Norwegian streets (one of which also makes a subtle appearance in the puzzle) from Oslo to Seattle.

As usual, this is a bilingual crossword, with answers that are in Norwegian marked with an (N) in the clue.


Vannrett (Across)

1 With 24-Across, designer of the Norwegian flag

8 Part for the main singer

10 Norway’s big cheese

11 Fire + fire (N)

12 Fish with mysterious reproductive cycles

13 Common giveaway to NPR donors

17 Central feature of many a university campus

21 Species whose 20-Down is a lot like a human’s

23 World’s second largest island, after Greenland

24 See 1-Across


Loddrett (Down)

1 Quite an accomplishment

2 Det var ___ (That was strange!) (N)

3 ___ metaller (Noble metals) (N)

4 I.e., på norsk (N)

5 Outfit for judgment day?

6 Fizzy frozen beverage brand

7 First name with street cred in Oslo?

8 Redskap for en slåttekar (også for Døden) (N)

9 Many large screens

13 Two thousand pounds

14 Salt Lake city

15 River in Wales

16 Subj. studied by many crossword lovers

17 Pop ___

18 Magazine founder, spiritual thinker, and common crossword answer with Norwegian heritage

19 Små bekker (N)

20 See 21-Across

22 New Norwegian boy? (N)

This article originally appeared in the May 7, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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