H1N1 Virus:1400 pigs to be slaughtered in Norway

On Tuesday Oct. 13 a pig herd of 500 animals were mass slaughtered, after swine flu was confirmed on a farm in the county of Nord-Trøndelag, reports Norway Post.

In addition 900 pigs from a second farm will be put down. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) has tested several other herds in the nearby area, but the results were negative.

This is the first time that swine flu has been diagnosed on pigs in Norway, and the mass slaughtering is a measure to prevent the disease from spreading. The slaughtered animals will be burnt in a refuse disposal plant, reports NRK.

“The animals had contracted the infection through contact with a human, who has been carrying the disease,” said director of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Kristina Landsverk to NRK.

She says, however, that humans have nothing to fear, as one cannot catch the virus through eating pork meat. She urges pig farmers who believe they may be carrying the H1N1 virus to stay away from barns and animals.

Source: NRK / Norway Post.

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