Swebus: Stop all payments in cash

From 1 September is not possible to pay with cash on Swebus buses. (Photo: Swebus)

From 1 September is not possible to pay with cash on Swebus buses. (Photo: Swebus)

Bus companies fear robbery.

Drivers in the Swedish bus company Swebus, which in Norway is running routes to Sweden from London, will not accept cash as payment beginning 1 September.

From that date, the ticket must be purchased in advance or by credit card.

Ticket office

“This is of course includes our route from Oslo. Tickets must be purchased online, by mobile or at the ticket office at the bus terminal, says the company’s information chief Ingvar Ryggesjö to Aftenposten.

Ryggesjö says why the company’s drivers will no longer accept cash, “driver’s safety.”

“When we remove the cash from the buses, reducing the fear of robbery and theft. This is the main reason,” he says.


Swebus also made it clear that more and more buy tickets on the internet and mobile, and besides, there will still be possible to buy tickets on board if you use credit cards.

Norway’s the largest bus company NSB owned by Nettbuss, has no plans to follow his Swedish colleagues’ practices.

“In Norway, it is mandated by law that people should be able to pay cash on the bus. Therefore, we will probably not stop it the practice” said Marketing Director Ståle Nistov to Aftenposten. The company also owns TIME Express.

Nettbuss runs a so-called luxury bus company, Bus4you. Where have all tickets paid in advance, where it is not possible to pay by credit card to the driver. The company operates routes including Oslo to Göteborg.

Source: Aftenposten

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