Svalbard mine closed for pollution

On Feb. 13 the Norwegian coal company Store Norske decided to close mine no. 7 on Svalbard because of large amounts of coal dust polluting the surroundings.

Gruve 7.  Photo: Birger Amundsen / Svalbardposten

Gruve 7. Photo: Birger Amundsen / Svalbardposten

Coal dust has spread all around the Advent Valley and the Bolter Valley, and has created problems for tourist firms and dog kennels in the area.  

“We have discussed the situation today, and have concluded that our company cannot appear as the worst polluter on Svalbard, therefore we are closing production in the mine until further notice,” managing director in Store Norske Bjørn Arnestad told newspaper Svalbardposten.

The reason for the problems is lack of proper dust suction equipment at the mine’s enrichment plant.

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