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Amundsen Sports

Amundsen creates comfortable and stylish clothes that are perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Louise Lysne Hanson
Rochester, Minn.

Roald Amundsen led the first expedition to reach the South Pole in 1911. This Norwegian explorer was familiar with the necessity of planning such a trek. He estimated it would take 100 days. It took 99.

Before this Amundsen spent multiple years in the Inuit community in northern Canada.  He learned survival skills and the value of skis, sled dogs, and proper clothing.  Tried and true knowledge as well as new technology of the times helped Amundsen meet his goal.

One hundred years later, the great-grandson of Amundsen’s cousin founded Amundsen Sports. Jørgen Amundsen had a vision for an outdoor brand. Clothing would be comfortable, versatile, long-lasting, and stylish.

Jørgen did not believe in specialized clothing for specific activities. Amundsen Sports would be a brand that produced multipurpose clothing for a number of activities, weather, and situations, items that one could wear on any adventure, urban or country.

One favorite piece in the 2024 collection is the Vagabond Fleece. A cozy white wool fleece anorak is accented with a soft cotton cord pocket on the front as well as cotton cord patches on the elbows and at the neck closure.

Amundsen Sports

The Vagabond Cord Fleece and Signature Merino Turtleneck is perfect for cool days on the water.

Anoraks are a staple in the Amundsen line and obviously inspired by the early explorer’s clothing. Amundsen designed his anoraks for the South Pole expedition.  They were easy to layer over warm mid-layers and heavy outer layers. The pullover design kept wind and weather out, and the front pocket was needed for easy   access to essentials while skiing the terrain.

Amundsen Sports

The Linen Long-sleeve Shirt is practical and stylish with travel patches on the sleeve.

Another summer favorite is the Safari Linen Shirt.  Pigment-dyed soft linen has a sophisticated elegance of style even though this shirt is made for activities outside.  The adventure patches on the sleeve are just the right element to inspire one to enjoy wearing it often.

Jørgen Amundsen and his team spend much time in the outdoors.  They are always testing new fabrications and styles. A gear kit on a hike includes a scissor and a sewing kit. Changes in garments are made in the field, not in a studio.

Developing smart products inspired by the past and designed to last into the future are at the core of Amundsen Sports.

It is no wonder that Amundsen Sports is one of the most popular brands in Norway today. Young people in Oslo are wearing the patched shorts, short pants (knickerbockers) with the light anoraks. Hikers in the mountains are seen in the cozy shirts and jackets available.

The ubiquitous Norgesreima Belt in red, white, and blue stripes is a must-have for patriotic Norwegians and Norwegian Americans as well.

This is a brand that is versatile, timeless and long-lasting. Amundsen Sports reminds one to have fun and enjoy nature.  Life should be an adventure.

Learn more at amundsensports.com or visit The Nordic Shop at thenordicshop.net.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2024 issue of The Norwegian American.

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Louise Lysne Hanson

Louise Lysne Hanson is the co-owner of The Nordic Shop in Rochester, Minn., with her husband, Walter. She is also on the board of directors of Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. Learn more at thenordicshop.net.