Students on the dentistry scandal: Tired of the harassment allegations

Students by the Faculty of Dentistry by the University of Oslo strikes back after a fall semester filled with serious accusations of a bad learning environment, sexual harassment and bullying

“Neither students nor staff agreed with the accusations of sexual harassment,” says Ragnhild Henriksen, leader of the student committee by the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Oslo.

Last year the faculty was the victim of much attention, after newspaper Dagbladet revealed accusations of sexual harassment. Safety deputy at the university Mette Børing raised the alarm about harassment and bullying, and a previous Ph.D. Research Fellow came forward and said her supervisor had sexually harassed her for years.

“Such accusations are stressing, and a few single cases were given attention,” says Anders Mosgren, student by the Faculty of Dentistry.

The students are tired of how the faculty is being branded as a scandal faculty, and thinks it can lead to a decrease in the number of people who will want to work at the faculty.

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Source: University of Oslo’s Universitas

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