Stricter immigration

The Rightist coalition wants to extend the qualification period for residence permits by two years

Photo: Kari Meijers Immigrants may soon be less “velkommen.”

Photo: Kari Meijers
Immigrants may soon be less “velkommen.”

Michael Sandelson
The Foreigner

In the proposal sent to hearing, the government wants foreigners to live five years in Norway instead of the current three before being granted permanent residency.

“A permanent residence permit brings an extended protection against expulsion with it, for example [regarding] criminal acts and violations of the Immigration Act,” says Justice and Public Security Minister Anders Anundsen in a statement.

“The new proposal means that foreign nationals must have resided [in Norway] for at least five years before they can get permanent residency.”

He argues that the move will allow authorities to better check whether foreign nationals have been granted permanent residency on false grounds. Pro forma marriage is one reason given.

Moreover, foreign nationals will also no longer retain their status as permanent residents should the couple get divorced within the five-year period, for example.

Specific input regarding the extended period’s possible significance for people who are subjected to abuse by their partner is also asked for.

“The proposal will probably result in more foreigners being expelled as a result of [having committed] criminal offenses and violations of the Immigration Act, since it will take longer before the foreigner obtains greater protection against expulsion,” declares Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen.

This extension is in line with the quad-Party agreement between the Conservatives (H), Progress (FrP), Christian Democrats (KrF), and Liberals (V), according to him.

The deadline for comments and input is set to May 15, two days before the annual Constitution Day celebrations.

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It also appeared in the April 17, 2015, issue of the Norwegian American Weekly.

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