Storm Weather Shanty Choir is coming to the US

The Norwegian ensemble Storm Weather Shanty Choir from Stord, Hordaland will perform in Maine and New York City this September

Singing aboard the tall ship SS Statsraad Lehmkuhl in Bergen.

The indie folkrock choir/band Storm Weather Shanty Choir, from the seaside and west coast of Norway, are coming for their first time to the US for gigs in the Big Apple and New England.

On Sept. 12 the group will even play at a wedding in Kennebunk, Maine. They received the invitation after an American couple heard their music on MySpace, reports NTB.

The choir consists of six singers and musicians with backgrounds ranging from rock, pop (guitar player from Magnet (N) and William Hut (N), Roald Kaldestad), metal and folk, and for credibilitys sake, a sailor/shanty man who has sailed for many seasons aboard the tall ship SS Statsraad Lehmkuhl.

The group have been together for nine years and are one of the most curious live rock/folk acts in Norway and can promise you an extraordinary liveshow, were they mix the songs from a capella to full instrumentation, rock n roll style!

Quoted in a concert review from the rockstage Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger (Norway): “The untraditional Storm Weather Shanty Choir rocked  the place with shanties from the seven seas, renewed with both Ramones and Slayer references and mindblowing mandolinsolos. The leadsinger had totally control over the audience and made them sing like pirates when needed, and at the same time make the audience so quiet you could hear a needle fall to the ground”

They have played more than 150 concerts, in clubs, pubs, rock and folk festivals in Norway, England, Germany, Switzerland. Storm Weather Shanty Choir has played support for, and together with the most famous artists of Norway such as Kaizers Orchestra, Odd Nordstoga, Vamp, Katzenjammer, and also the Nashville pirate Dave Cloud and the Power of Gospel (US).

More ambitious than ever, the Norwegian Storm Weather Shanty Choir released critically acclaimed their fourth album Way Hey (and away we’ll go) on April 27, 2009 (both digital and through the international distributor Musikkoperatorene.)

Together with producer Bjørn Bunes (Poor Rich Ones, Magnet, William Hut) the six piece extraordinary rock choir, from the west coast island of Stord, has finally managed to capture their raw and captivating live energy on tape. All songs are experimentational interpretations of traditional shanties and forebitters from the great days of sail. Storm Weather Shanty Choir has trough their ten year old history enjoyed a growing respect from both rock and folk musicians both national and international, and this is mirrored in the list of guests on the album. Here you’ll find norwegian master fiddlers Nils Økland and Sigrid Moldestad side by side with norwegian pop artist William Hut and the legendary Dave Cloud from Nashville.

When: September 9th

Where: The Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston St, NYC

When: September 10th

Where: Rockwood Music Hall at 5pm

Where: The Living Room at 23 pm

When: September 11th

Where: Duffy’s, Kennebunk, Maine

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