Stordalen and Hagen on Times Green Rich List

The global rich are going green as never before, reports This first Sunday Times Green Rich List shows that the enthusiasm among the world’s wealthiest for investments in areas as diverse as electric cars, solar power and geothermal energy is unaffected by the recession.

Both Stordalen and Hagen has invested in the electrical car Think. Photo:

Both Stordalen and Hagen have invested in the electrical car Think. Photo:

Two Norwegians are on The Green List which has unearthed 100 people, who have made either serious investments in green technology and businesses or hefty financial commitments to environmental causes.

Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Stordalen (number 46) is a committed environmental activist and investor, reports Times. In 2002 he joined peaceful protests against the Sellafield waste processing plant. He has invested in Norway’s Think electric car project and renewable energy. Much of his wealth comes from his hotel chains — Choice, Clarion, Quality and Comfort — that are still profitable despite the economic downturn. The Norwegian rich list in Kapital magazine puts his fortune above $ 1 billion.

Stein Erik Hagen (number 29) founded the Norwegian RIMI discount store chain with his father in the 1970s, reports Times. When he sold out in 2004, he received $1 billion for his remaining stake. He later bought into department store chain Steen & Strøm through his Canica consumer-goods operation. Steen & Strøm was sold in July 2008, netting Canica about $ 1.3 million. One of his investments is in Think, the Norwegian electric car venture. Hagen was valued at more than $ 2.5 billion by Forbes in its 2008 list of the world billionaires.

On the top of the green list you will find American Warren Buffet, who has invested in wind power. Number two is Bill Gates, who has invested in renewable fuel.

Source: Timesonline.

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